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Our response to COVID-19

Local Restrictions

Our dealerships are fully open for COVID-secure sales, test drives, servicing, MOTs and repairs. You can also interact with us digitally via remote appointments, virtual tours and handovers, and the option of click-and-collect or home delivery.

Whether you choose to visit one of our showrooms or interact with us digitally, you can rest assured that your safety remains our priority. To learn more about the measures in place, please see full details in the links below. If you have any questions, we will be happy to talk you through everything in detail.

We look forward to providing you with a safe and welcoming experience.

Full information of our COVID safe practices are detailed below:


Two metre distancing

For the safety of our customers and colleagues, a two metre distancing policy is operational in our Porsche Centre. This two metre distance should be maintained at all times between people and there will be no handshakes for the foreseeable future.

Our-desk based colleagues will work from a fixed location in the Centre and all colleagues will maintain personal responsibility for keeping a safe social distance.

You will also see the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by our colleagues and PPE fixtures and fittings are installed across all areas of our Porsche Centre. Density of furniture and people in our showroom and office spaces has been reduced to comply with this policy, and showroom vehicle layouts ensure a safe two metre distance.

In addition to the 2 metre distancing rule and hygiene measures we have in place, customers will need to wear a face-covering. Our colleagues will also be wearing face masks or coverings during any interactions with our customers. Your details will be taken in case we need to contact you for COVID-related reasons in the future.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for all our colleagues according to their role. You can expect to see all-customer facing staff wearing protective equipment. When driving any vehicle, seat covers will be used. All of our staff have hand sanitising gel and cleansing wipes.  Our Technicians, drivers and valeters use steering wheel covers when working on any vehicle.

PPE fixtures and fittings are installed at key locations throughout our Porsche Centre. Hand sanitising gel is positioned around all front of house locations. Perspex screens are installed at reception desks and offices which are being used for customer documentation and handovers.

In the workshop, alternate work bays are operational to ensure a safe distance between Technicians and vehicles.

Any customers will need to wear a face covering, apart from if they are exempt as per the government guidelines, which can be found here .


Showroom cleaning

We have a rigorous overnight cleaning process and the Centre is regularly cleaned throughout the day.

Sanitisation stations are installed across all areas of our Centre including the entrance, handover bay and service area. Anyone entering our Centre – customers, colleagues, suppliers – are required to wash their hands or use the hand sanitiser gel provided. Plastic, wipe-clean, envelopes are also provided for the safe transfer of customer keys and documentation.

All areas and surfaces are regularly cleaned including tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, phones, tablets, touch-screens, remote controls, keyboards, handles and desks. Our team will wear and discard disposable gloves each time after cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Disposable cloths are also discarded after use.

All guests to our showroom will be recorded on the guest register by the reception team but are not required to personally sign in.

Restricted washroom spaces are regularly cleaned and a “clean cycle” update is posted to display daily cleaning times and our COVID-19 cleaning policy.

All colleagues will be washing their hands regularly with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, and before and after every customer interaction.


Vehicle cleaning

All vehicles, whether customer cars or our showroom demonstrator vehicles will be fully sanitised after use. This includes:

  - steering wheel, indicator, paddles

  - interior and exterior door handles

  - touchpoints such dashboard, gear lever, lights and navigation

Please follow the link below for more information.

Showroom vehicles are displayed to observe social distancing parameters. 

Customer vehicles in our workshop have both the steering wheel and seats protected with covers whilst the vehicle is being worked on. Once the work is complete and car parked ready for collection, the car is cleaned as outlined above. In the workshop, alternate work bays will be operational.

More information

Service appointments

Our aftersales department is fully open and our teams are on hand to answer any bookings and queries. You can contact us through email, phone or live chat on our website.

You may find that when you arrive for your service, MOT or repair appointment, we have made some adjustments as we ask that you arrive at your allocated appointment time. 

If you have an appointment, I would like to reassure you we have well-established COVID safety measures in place, adhering to all Government guidelines to help protect our customers and colleagues. These include stringent social distancing and hygiene measures, the use of Perspex screens and the compulsory wearing of a face mask or covering, apart from if you are exempt as per the Government guidelines which can be found here.

When you arrive at our Porsche Centre you will be greeted by a colleague wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), observing social distancing. You will find clear advice and signage around our Centre to help guide you to the Service team. 

We will ask you to turn off your air conditioning; it will be returned in the same way. In our workshops, every other work bay will be utilised for the safety of our teams.

Given the current circumstances, could we please request that you attend at the agreed service appointment booking time so that we are able to fulfil your requirements appropriately.

All paperwork will be placed in either a plastic envelope or box and will be placed in a filing tray for you to pick up rather than being handed to you. You may chose to bring your own pen for any signatures required. The plastic envelopes, boxes and trays are all be easy to wipe-clean and will be cleaned after use. You will also be asked to place your car keys either in a plastic envelope or box and the same approach will be used when you collect your car.

At this time, only card or online payments will be accepted.  


Onsite sales appointments

You can expect a warm welcome to our Porsche Centre while we take all precautionary measures to provide a safe, clean and comfortable experience.

Appointment time - If you book an appointment to visit our Centre, we ask that you attend at the agreed appointment booking time. If you are running late, please call so we can try our best to accommodate you. If you choose to visit us without an appointment, please be aware that you may need to wait a short while to ensure we are able to maintain social distancing measures on-site. Alternatively, we also offer virtual appointments with our knowledgeable sales colleagues who can chat to you in the comfort of your home.

Discussing your needs - In line with our social distancing policy, all consultation areas are configured to ensure there is a safe 2-metre distance between colleagues and customers. We ask that all customers wear a face mask unless legitimately exempt. Our teams also wear face masks as well as one-time use disposable protective gloves where necessary.

Demonstration Drives - We are pleased to offer COVID-secure demonstration drives. If you wish to take a demonstration, we ask that you contact us first. You will need to bring your full current driving licence and National Insurance Number with you. You may also choose to bring your own pen to sign any documentation.

Waiting areas - Our waiting areas will be open for use where it is still able to maintain social distancing.

Exchanging documents - All paperwork is placed in either a plastic envelope or box and placed in a filing tray for you to pick up rather than being handed to you. The plastic envelopes, boxes and trays are all easy to wipe clean and are sanitised after use.

Vehicle handover - When receiving your car, we ask that you wear a face mask (our Sales Team will also wear a face mask) so that we can show you to your new car and arrange for all documents to be signed in a COVID-secure way. You have the opportunity to make a virtual pre-handover appointment as well as a second virtual handover with our sales team to ask any questions you may have.


Remote appointments

For customers who would prefer not to visit our Centre, a range of options have been put in place to support you remotely.

We are pleased to offer remote appointments over a choice of video platforms. We can have a virtual discussion, present a vehicle to you, support you with vehicle research and configuration, and offer advice and guidance. Please contact us to make an appointment time and agree the platform. Remote appointments can be booked for vehicle demonstrations and drives, as well as and handovers. All of these can be booked by contacting our Porsche Centre directly or our online booking form.

To support with part-exchange valuations, we are pleased to provide a solution that enables you to complete a condition report of your car prior to your visit. Please contact us for more details.

Demonstration drives can be taken from your preferred location. Our team will deliver the car to you and clean the key touchpoints on the car and key prior to you taking the drive. We are pleased to offer a connected demonstration drive experience enabling you to take a demonstration drive at a safe distance from one of our colleagues who will be in another vehicle, asking questions and helping you learn about the functionality of the vehicle over hands-free telephony. Our demonstrator vehicles are fully cleaned and seat covers provided and disposed of after use. Plastic, wipe-clean, envelopes are also provided for the safe transfer of customer keys and documentation. Proof of ID will be required prior to any demonstration drive appointment.

We can also arrange remote handovers of your car. We will arrange a virtual pre-handover appointment with you prior to your vehicle delivery to run you through the controls of your new car. Your car will be delivered by our team to the specified location at the agreed time. Our delivery team will be wearing PPE and will clean the key, steering wheel and door handles and remove protective seat covers from the drivers seat. The cleaned key will be placed in a plastic envelope on the passenger seat for you to pick up. You will also have the opportunity to have a second handover once the vehicle has been delivered for an interactive Q&A. Please contact us to arrange a convenient date and time.


Click and collect

For new and Porsche Approved car sales, we will still be able to respond to your enquiry through a range of options that are convenient for you, including Live Chat, email, video appointments, virtual demos and phone. You can then reserve and buy your chosen model online through our website and arrange a click-and-collect appointment, so you can pick it up from our PorscheCentre in a designated COVID safe handover area.

When collecting a car from our Porsche Centre, your car will be fully sanitised, including all touchpoints. You will be greeted by one of our sales team wearing PPE at a safe distance in a COVID safe handover bay, who can answer any questions you may have about your car. The disinfected key will be placed in a plastic envelope on the passenger seat for you to pick up.

Alternatively, you can opt for home delivery, where your car will be delivered by our team to the specified location at the agreed time. Our delivery team will be wearing PPE and disinfect the key, steering wheel and door handles and remove protective seat covers from the driver’s seat. The disinfected key will be placed in a plastic envelope on the passenger seat for you to pick up.