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Back to the Future!

With a zero-carbon emissions future before us, the Porsche Taycan leads the way in fully electric mobility. Recently awarded 2023 Winner of the Performance category by WhatCar? the Taycan has upgraded in-car tech, improved range and indeed puts out ‘sledgehammer’ performance. Other sector media review it as ‘nailing handling’, with ‘great driving dynamics’ and of-course being ‘fun’ whilst sporting ‘a beautifully finished cabin’. This, quietly confident car, has an electrifying roar that embraces the future of motoring by staying true to its pioneering past.

On reflection, running a vehicle on electricity is deep rooted and foundational at Porsche. Founder Ferdinand Porsche was always fascinated with electricity. As early as 1899 he designed a vehicle that was powered by an octagonal electric motor with a humble three to five PS, reaching a top speed of 25 km/h.

What the motoring press say

‘The Porsche Taycan is arguably the most desirable electric car on the planet’, Auto Express.

‘To say that the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is an outstanding performance car that just happens to be electric is to do it a disservice. The electric nature of the Cross Turismo actually enhances the driving thrills.’ WhatCar?

‘It steers and rides better than any other sports saloon. It accelerates so hard it hurts. And it's drop-dead gorgeous. Whatever your views on electric cars, here's a machine that's all-but impossible to dislike.’ TopGear

We invite you to find out for yourself

Call our Sales Department on 01223 872872  or email sales@porschecambridge.co.uk  to book a Taycan demonstraton drive.