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New High-Res LED HD Matrix Headlights

Future High-Res LED HD Matrix Headlights


A Brighter Future with High-Res Porsche LED HD-Matrix Headlights

Imagine if you could illuminate the road ahead by up to double the light intensity. New Porsche innovated high-resolution LED main headlights with HD matrix technology distributes light brighter than previous systems.

Not a Chip off the Old Block

A collaboration with partners, the science behind it is a chip that enables 16,000 individually controllable micro-LEDs installed on the surface area a size of a thumbnail. Each headlight will house two such chips – four per vehicle - offering high-res light distribution up to twice as bright on a surface four times larger than former top-notch components. Porsche drivers should be able to see clearly now, even when the rain hasn’t gone.

Full Beam Ahead

Cockpit controls will give the driver flexibility with the choice of narrow-lane light, an adaptive motorway high-beam light and a non-dazzling high-beam function for accommodating oncoming traffic. Improved road safety and better comfort to look forward to, now that’s functionality that is lit up.

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