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Driven by Dreams

Driven by Dreams


Concept to Car

Dreams, however farfetched or beyond our current capabilities, with vision, drive and passion become realities. Ferry Porsche was one such visionary, who pursued the goal to build the perfect sports car. Now, 90-plus years later not only did the ethos of excellence and pioneering determination give rise to the creation of some of the world’s desirable luxury sports cars from Porsche but also the opening to a realm of new mobility possibilities without compromise.

This spirit of ambition and aspiration is now represented in an exciting new installation created by Hong Kong-born polymathic creative director Edan Kwan, and his team at Lusion, powered by Porsche with Wallpaper*.

A Visual Victory

The collaboration sees the depiction of thought and imagination in a panoramic landscape of light and vein-like grooves interacting with the Porsche Crest, giving form to a physical manifestation of creative floral blooms in the shape of the iconic 356 ‘No 1’ Roadster. ‘The brief was to explore the nature of the dream as a personal goal,’ Kwan explains. ‘Porsche is a luxury product, but when Ferry Porsche set out to create his very first sports car, his dream had to be manifested in a new reality because this space literally didn’t exist.’ Resulting in a short film using AI-generated imagery and mastery, the narrative is chaos to kairos as it were, that special moment of realisation. The Driven by Dreams installation is a bold visualisation of the brand’s identity and ethos unlike anything ever seen before. 

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