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Porsche Driver's Selection Classic Collection

Porsche Driver's Selection Classic Collection


At the 1963 International Motorshow (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main, the last model generation of the Porsche 356, the 356 C, was presented together with its successor, the 901, a car that would later go on to write sports car history as the 911. It was a magical moment for Porsche, and the beginning of a true success story.

Not only would the 911 go on to become known as the ultimate embodiment of the Porsche brand, but also as one of the world’s most well-known sports cars.

With its stylish clothing and elegant accessories, the Classic Collection captures the emotion and nostalgia that comes from over 60 years of Porsche driving. Featuring clear lines, classic cuts, and the charm of the 1960s, the collection transports the flair of classic Porsche vehicles into the here and now.

Please contact Kim Stewart our Porsche Driver's Selection Specialist on 01223 872872 or email kim.stewart@porschecambridge.co.uk for further details.

You can view the full Porsche Driver's Selection Classic Collection online.