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Check your Porsche for road damage

Check your Porsche for road damage


Avoiding sub-standard surfaces when driving can be difficult, and you may have suffered a punctured tyre or, even worse, a buckled wheel. 

However, punctures and buckled wheels are immediately identified and can be repaired before further damage occurs. But what about the less obvious damage potholes can do to your car? 

The geometry of your car keeps it driving in a straight line - if it is out of alignment it can cause tyres to wear unevenly and increase your car’s fuel consumption. And it can be put out of line by exposure to potholes and uneven surfaces.

At Porsche Centre Cambridge we offer a full geometry check which will identify if any adjustments are needed, so you can avoid the risk and expense of repairing damage in the future. The check is available for £50 plus VAT.

If you are interested in making an appointment for a geometry check for your Porsche, please call 01223 872872 to speak to our Aftersales Team.