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Prepare Your Porsche For Summer

Prepare your Porsche for summer with a Cabriolet Roof Treatment


As the owner of a convertible Porsche, you will appreciate the professional care and attention required to ensure the roof of your car remains in the best possible condition. 

Although the Porsche canvas roof is designed to be watertight and hard-wearing, weathering can be detrimental to its appearance. This could result in a covering of green moss-like algae or the colour of the roof becoming less vibrant.

Our Porsche Cabriolet Roof Treatment programme can reduce the effects of weathering and restore your roof to its optimum condition. The treatment includes:

  • Full exterior wash and interior vacuum
  • Hand wash of the roof (removing algae and any dirt)
  • Application of Porsche Cabriolet Roof Treatment* (conditioning and re-waterproofing)

The cost of this treatment, which also includes a complimentary vehicle health check, is £149.00 incl. VAT.

Please contact a member of our Aftersales Team on 01223 872872 or email info@porschecambridge.co.uk for more information or to book your Cabriolet Roof Treatment.


*Available in Blue or Black only.